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Message from the President

The projection mapping is the special video technique to project directly an image such as a video and computer graphics to 3D objects such as architecture, cars, furniture and natural objects, not on a flat screen. It has its origin and prosperity in Europe and America, and now has spread globally.

In Japan, we could hardly see the projection mapping until several years ago. Now it has been common in many places and able to actually see or on TV a diversified size ranging from the large one to the small one.

High-profile works recognized from foreign countries have been still hard to be appeared in Japan while various advanced expressions continue being created one after another in Europe and America. Not only tracing existing expressions but also creating new unique expressions, it is important to evolve this means of expression to be more attractive. Because Japanese video creators have high imaging techniques, they should be able to create their unique views of the world by adding their techniques, and Japan-specific expressions, local cultures and historic backgrounds.

Under such circumstances, we are always challenging to make the most of creative power of creators. Our creators and producers with wide knowledge and various experiences on this area will play a key role in exploring and dissemination of projection mapping to public. Projection Mapping Association of Japan (PMAJ) is established and operated for the purpose of providing projection mapping which strengthen cooperation with such as local government, and nurturing the community of projection-mapping to maintain high qualitative standards.

Our organization and activities are unique and different from the other associations or companies. In order to apt to various mapping requirements, the development team is organized project by project with creators, producers, directors and engineers. A feature of PMAJ is that they take a leading role of implementing each project.

For various projects and associated problems, we transform the problems into the characteristics, and try to find the new value creation and answers by taking full advantage of our strong worldwide network among creators and producers.

PMAJ’s creators and producers has promoted activities while coping with the various sizes of projects including the project to use the school building of the elementary school which was a first Japanese open show for. We have dealt with the image production and total planning/representation related to various projection mappings such as large-scale mapping to a building, the stage and live concert, direction for the company event, promotion direction for the department store, opening of the professional sports game, TV program, CM production, CSR business, and management of the art festival.

PMAJ are challenging to find the possibility of expression of projection mapping in cooperation with industry, government and the local community. At the same time, we will promote on disseminating and introducing new technology and expression, regional revitalization, encouragement and nurture the community of mapping. We would feel amply rewarded for our efforts if our goal was helpful to all of you who were interested in projection mapping.

Michiyuki Ishita
President / Projection Mapping Association of Japan

Business Activities

  1. Total business solution on projection mapping including planning, producing, and managing of specific projects
  2. Projection on tourism in local areas by developing projection mapping-events and festivals.
  3. Projection support to introduce and arrange skillful professionals such as a producer, director, creator, engineer and company matching to on-going projects.
  4. Technical support to provide our solutions, experiences, and technical templates matching to specific projects.
  5. Research and development of new techniques and styles in projection mapping.
  6. Dissemination of information about the latest events and advanced technologies on projection mapping to public.
  7. Development of international collaboration among worldwide creators, artist, and engineers.
  8. Seminar and workshop development to encourage and nature the community of projection-mapping.
  9. Public Agent Service to support small business on collaborating with administrative organization and/or major corporation.
  10. PMAJ Membership Services to provide valuable contents and cultural exchange programs and distribute the information through PMAJ website.


2011 – Established
2012 – Started to operate as a General Incorporated Foundation.

PMAJ Board Members

President: Michiyuki Ishita (PMAJ)
Director: Hideki Fujii (Aqua Co., Ltd.)
Director: Hiroyuki Kurita
Director: Takashi Harada (Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd.)
Director: Kenta Maruyama (SOLU MEDIAGE inc.)

Auditor: Satoru Sato (XCompass Ltd.)

Councilor: Kazuhiko Miyauchi (SUNRISE Company Ltd./CINEMEDIA Co, Ltd.)
Councilor: Tomoyuki Sugiyama (Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd./Digital Hollywood University)
Councilor: Koichi Sukimoto (Medianetworks Co., Ltd.)

Vice-president: Takahiro Niwa (Vice-president of Japan Public Utilities Incubation Center)

Advisor: Takeshi Doi
Advisor: Masanori Chiba (age Co., Ltd.)
Advisor: Satoru Machida (AmbientMedia / State of the Art Technologies Expression Association)
Advisor (overseas): Yoshihiro Kobayashi (Arizona State University)
Advisor (Media): Yukihiro Ishikawa (SEABURDS Inc. / Pro News)
Advisor (Technical): Masahiro Ishikawa (Aqua Co., Ltd.)