Call for projection mapping contest in Japan

2015-08-15 02:41:30


We have stopped accepting application of International Projection Mapping Competition.
Thank you a lot for your application.

1 minute projection mapping 2015
international projection mapping competition

- Application -

Message A projection mapping is one of the most popular media arts.  Many projection mapping events from practical ones by professionals to personal-hobby ones by students have been developed in the world. Though it costs a lot to use multiple high-brightness projectors for a big size structure, it has a strong potential to create various and flexible design solutions corresponding to the location, culture, and architecture. The main objective of our international competition is to discover and develop innovative and creative mapping solutions and ideas with artists in the world.

 The 1-minute projection mapping competition has been offered for four years. This year the location is moved from Zushi city to Niigata city.  The Niigata City History Museum, MINATOPIA, is the target building of projection, and it has rich contents and attractive landscape. In addition, the city of Niigata has a strong vision to become a central city of East Asian culture, and they have been developing various cross-cultural events with China and South Korea since this year. Therefore, each project is expected to demonstrate high quality video mapping contents matching to this vision at this competition.

Last year many artists from 14 countries participated in the competition. In fact, this event has been recognized as a worldwide competition and the quality is getting higher and higher. One of our selling points is that it is open to anybody. In other words, any artist from any country, of any age, and with any background can join the event. By sharing the template file of target building, it is possible for all applicants to demonstrate the mapping works on a big structure without spending any extra cost. Also each project is asked to create a original story related to a theme in 60 – 119 seconds. The theme of this year is defined as ‘CROSS / INTERSECTION’ such as cross-culture, cross-race, cross-nation, cross-art, cross-age, cross-technology, and cross-media. The judgment will be based on the creativity, technology, visual effect, story, and innovation.  We look forward to seeing what kind of CROSS will be proposed and visualized from Niigata, Japan.

Projecting Building Information

・City History Museum MINATOPIA (
 Google map (
・Size of building:64 x 20 (height) meters 

Movie Format

・Resolution:3172 × 1200 pixel(It will be split into 2 projectors)
・Frame rate:30 fps
・Movie format:Quicktime
・Length:60 – 119 seconds
・Sounds:Required(Sound should be embedded into the movie or send AIFF/WAV file separately)
・Theme:CROSS / Intersection(Need clear story and concept)

Template files

Event Date
・Mapping Show:9/19(Sat) – 9/23(Wed)
・Audience Voting Date:9/20(Sun) and 9/21(Mon)
・Online streaming by USTREAM: 9/22(Tue)

Important Dates
 ・Registration: 8/14(Fri)

 ・Submission: 8/31(Mon)
 ・Finalist Announcement:9/7(Mon)by e-mail
 ・Update/Brush-up: 9/14 (Mon)
   ※ Finalists have time to brush up the contents by 9/14.


 10 – 15 projects will be selected to demonstrate at the mapping show.
 ※ The finalist will not be demonstrated at the mapping show if there is a copy right issue or improper (adults/violent) contents.
 ※The project not selected are also projected on the building and recorded if requested. 

Submission Requirements
 ・Movie file
 ・Title Name:
 ・Name of creator (or team)
 ・Profile(200 words)
 ・Representative Screen Shot Image (3172 × 1200 pixel)
 ・Photo and Logo of creator/team (over 1024 ×1024 pixel)
 ・Summary/Concept of project(200 words)
 ・Contact(E-mail, Address, Tel)
 ・Website URL (* If you have)
 ・Other comments (* If you have some special comments)

Entry form (

Submission Method
 ・Use an online download service and e-mail the URL to <>

Prohibited Matters

・The project with the following prohibited matters is not accepted.
1) The contents are not based on our mapping template.
2) The movie file is not opened and played with common codec.
3) The contents have so strong political and religious messages that some audience may feel uncomfortable.
4) The duration is too short or too long.
5) Submission after the deadline.
*)If it will be late with some valid reason, let us know in advance.
6) The demonstration requires some special settings, which we cannot support.
*) If it needs additional settings such as sensors, cameras, and dance performance, ask us in advance. 
7) The contents have illegal copy-righted items.
*) It is applicant’s responsibility to clear any copy righted issue on images, sounds, and fonts before submission. If the problem is found, any award will be lost and returned.
8) The contents have adult or violated scenes.
*) The audience includes kids and old persons. 

・Grand Prix Award (First Place)、Second Place、Third Place、Audience Award、Special Award (by Niigata City)
-    *) Grand prix will be given Plate, supplemental prize, and an invitation of practical mapping event in Japan as a main creator.
- An extra prize will be given to each award winner.


・Michiyuki Ishita(President of PMAJ)
・Maxime Guislain(Grand Prix Award Winner in Medi-ARTz 2014)
・Adi Panuntun(Sembilan Matahari / Grand prix of 2012, Circle of Light 2014 Grand prix)
 ※Audience Award is based on voting by audience on 9/20 and 21


All copy right of submitted works belongs to the applicants, but it is allowed for the organization of this event including the Niigata City, PMAJ, and sponsors to use the contents freely for advertisement and publication.

Sample Projects
 2012 Finalists

 2013 Finalists

 2014 Finalists
 MINATOPIA mapping in 2014

■Presented by:City of Niigata, JAPAN
■Co- Presented by : Culture City of East Asia 2015 NIIGATA Executive Committee
■Assisted by:City of Niigata, Culture and Sports Commission
■Produced by : Projection Mapping Association of Japan (PMAJ)
■Sponsored by:Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015

 【Contact, Q&A】
 Projection Mapping Association of Japan (PMAJ)( )