Projection Mapping Workshop を開催します

2015-01-15 16:45:47

mapping-workshopProjection Mapping Workshop】 by CHiKA from Mappathon©



■会場:デジタルハリウッド東京本校(御茶の水ソラシティ4階 W15)
■受講料:9,000円(PMAJ会員、デジタルハリウッド学生、つくるFactory 登録者)、18,000円(一般)
 → お名前、所属、年齢、メールアドレス、経験、講師への質問、その他リクエスト
 ※ 会員の方は会員番号などもご明記下さい。
■協力:デジタルハリウッド株式会社、Smart Work、IMAGIMA、Module 8、MadMapper


About mapping workshop program and Mappathon©
It is inspired by events called hackathons where computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers collaborate intensively on software projects in limited time.

It teaches participants the latest technology for mapping video projections on physical surfaces, moving away from the traditional confines of the screen to sculptures and building facades.

The goal of these workshop are to create a projection mapping installations in site specific, where the participants create content for complex surfaces. Participants will learn the tools to work in with these forms, and work on the process of design. The primary tool taught in the workshop is the software package MadMapper and Modul8 for Mac.



CHiKA started as a live VJ working with experimental sound composers, 8-bit musicians and club DJs almost a decade ago. She explored her work as an art practice, experimenting with improvisational communication with an audience in real time. 
Working across a variety of media, including LED-light, live video projection and interactive technologies, she is now transforming the energy of a live performance environment, provoking the public consciousness and awakening the public awareness through interactive installations. She creates what she describes as the symphony of light: minimalist geometric visuals that explore and invite the public to reinvent themselves through the relationship between images, light, and sound.
She has been a resident fellow at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, an IAC/InterActiveCorp Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo, an Eyebeam resident artist and a BRIC Media Arts Fellow in 2015. 

As an educator, she is a founder of a projection mapping marathon workshop, Mappathon, teaching students projection mapping techniques, from concept to installation in 3 days. She moved to New York from Japan to earn her bachelor’s degree from the School of Visual Arts and holds a master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University. She currently lives and works in New York.

Her work has been shown in numerous international venues and festivals, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design, NY Hall of Science, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, the Hammer Museum (San Francisco), San Francisco Art Institute, Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva), Museo Regional de Guadalajara, Matadero Madrid, and International Biennial Contemporary Art ULA-2010 (Venezuela), Mapping Festival (Geneva), Mutek (Montreal), Dumbo Art Festival and among others.