1 minute projection mapping competition

Call for International mapping competition in MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI 2014

2014-06-09 07:38:06


MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI 2014 (ex. Zushi media art festival)
Projection Mapping International Competition vol.3

Call for 1-Min Projection Mapping Competition!
Theme: “WA” (Harmony, Peace, Balance, and Japan)

English document (11th June, 2014)

In recent years, 3D projection mapping has become popular and has been increasingly demonstrated and showcased around the world. As a growing facet of the field of media arts, it is necessary for creators to make more challenges in order to develop more creative and innovative art works. We consider that it will be more important for creators to establish their own styles and brand values. Creators are asked to explore more global activities and fields in the current competitive market of projection mapping.   

The one-minute projection mapping competition began in 2012 as a part of the Media Art Festival (the title is changed for ‘MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI’) held at Zushi city in Japan. This is the third competition and the fifth mapping show using the same building. We hope that it will be a representative event on mapping. All participants share the same building formats and therefore they are able to compete equally in the same condition. All works are restricted to one minute in length. They will need to demonstrate their “Individuality”, “Technique”, “Novelty”, “Performance” and “Storyline” in this limited amount of time. We set the theme as “WA”, which is a Japanese word meaning “harmony”, “peace”, “balance”, and “JAPAN”.  We would appreciate expressing the theme throughout the mapping art works.

Last year, many creators from Japan, Brazil, Italy, Canada, UK, Indonesia, and France joined the competition. A Japanese creator, FLIGHTGRAF, won the competition. After the competition, he joined our practical mapping event in Kashiwa city as a main creator.

We call for attractive and challenging mapping art works. We are looking forward to seeing new creators and their success through this competition.

[Location and Scale]

Your projection mapping project will be demonstrated on a real existing building.
-        Zushi Bunka Plaza (cultural center), Festival Park (4-2-45, Zushi, Kanagawa)
-        The size of the building for the projection: 13 (height) x 45 (width) meters. 

The applicant is required to submit a movie file. The format is:
-        Resolution: 3072 x 1024 pixels (We use two or three projectors)
-        Frame Rate: 30/fps
-        Length of film: 60 – 119 seconds
-        Format: QuickTime
-        Sound: Required (it should be included in the image data, or should attach AIFF, WAV data which should be the same length as the film)
-        Theme: Required some contents of “WA”. 

[Event Date]
The projection mapping show will be held on:
-        September  19th (Press Review, Reception)
-        September  20th (Show)
-        September  21st (Show and Judge)
We will also show the event online @ USTREAM (October 5th and 6th)

 [Important Dates]
Registration: August 1st (Fri)
Submission: August 31st (Mon)
* Let us know if there is any problems with submitting the files. 

We will select the best 10 – 15 projects to show at the Zushi Media Art Festival 2013. The selection is made by our judges before the event.
* We may not be able to play the film if we find a serious problem such as incompletion, improper context, copyright violations, and inadequate data. Look at the [Note when you apply] section below.


The applicant is required to register for the competition by sending the following information by September 13.
-        Film data (URL to download)
-        Title
-        Name of creator, team, and profile (200 words maximum)
-        A representative captured image: We will use this image on our home page.
-        A portrait or team logo. 
-        Concept of the work and description (200 words maximum)
-        Contact Info (email, address, phone number)
-        URL of you home page if you own one
-        Please let us know if you have certain requests or need equipment.
-        E-mail the information above to info@projection-mapping.jp  (Head Office) 

[Final Submission]
The applicant is requested to upload their final product online using FTP or Internet data sharing service . Once the upload is completed, let us know the URL or FTP by e-mail.

[Resources for Projection Mapping]
The resource files for our projection mapping competition are available online.
-        2D format data (Illustrator、AfterEffects) & 3D data (General 3D data, 3D Studio Max)
-          https://www.dropbox.com/s/8917uy87pke724a/maz_1minPM_format.zip 
Image of the location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlhj6nasdru7rf0/images.zip

[Notes when you apply]
Your work will not be accepted in the following cases:

  1. It is not ‘projection mapped’ and nothing related to the theme
  2. It is not playable
  3. It contains an offensive expression such as a strong religious and political message

If you have inevitable reasons and you won’t be able to submit the data by the deadline, please contact us with the reason and when you can submit. It is applicant’s responsibility to obtain the permission required to use copyrighted materials such as picture, movies, and music. We are not responsible for any trouble regarding copyrights. If we discover or are made aware of an infringement of any rights, this creator will lose his or her rights to join the competition and also the prize will be taken away. We are expecting many people regardless of young and oldto visit this event on the day of the show, thus sexual, religious and political messages should be limited.

We award the following four prizes in the competition.
-        Grand Prize: Plate, supplemental prize, and an invitation of practical mapping event as a main creator
-        Semi-Grand Prize: Plate, supplemental prize
-        Special-Judges-Prize: Plate, supplemental prize
-        Audience Prize: Plate, supplemental prize

-        Mr. Ryuichi Hirai : Mayor of Zushi, JAPAN
-        Mr. Ryotaro Muramatsu : NAKED Inc. CEO
-        Prof. Masayuki Akamatsu: Professor at Institute of Advanced Media arts and Sciences
-        Michiyuki Ishita: Head Director at Projection Mapping Association of Japan
-        Mr. Tetsuo Yamashige : Art Director of Nakanojo biennale and Zushi Art Festival2014
-        Others 

[Copyright Issue]
All Copyrights of the works belong to the creators and also MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI, and Projection Mapping Association of Japan hold the rights to use them as an advertisement and report of this event. 

Some works from 2013 are available at http://youtu.be/gT3Mpe5Ldos
Some works from 2012 are available at http://youtu.be/QeSKhE_eNWw

Host: MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI Executive Committee

  • Plan, Production: MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI Executive Committee, General Foundation of Projection Mapping Association
  • Lead Producer: Michiyuki Ishita, Head director @ Projection Mapping Association of Japan (PMAJ).
  • MEDI-ARTz ZUSHI2014 (ex. Zushi Media Art Festival) WEB page : http://www.medi-artz.com (under construction)

 [ Contact info]
Projection Mapping Association of Japan / Head Office: info@projection-mapping.jp



1 minute projection mapping作品募集!





・解像度:3072 x 1024(2画面、または3画面に分けて出力される予定です)


 ・エントリー締め切り: 8月1日(金)


 ・提出先:info@projection-mapping.jp(プロジェクションマッピング協会 事務局)


 (2D+3Dデータ(汎用3Dデータ(FBX)、3DStudio Max)


  1. フォーマットと関係がない映像になっている場合(マッピングされない映像作品の場合)
  2. 映像データが再生出来ないデータで有った場合。
  3. 鑑賞者が著しく気分を害する恐れのあるもの、強い宗教観や、政治的メッセージを有したもの
  4. 時間が規程の時間より短い、または超過しているもの
  • やむを得ず募集期間に間に合わない場合は主催者側へ理由と応募時期を相談してください。
  • 投影時に特殊な作業や仕掛け(センサーやカメラの使用、映像以外のパフォーマンス要素など)がある場合は事前にご相談下さい。
  • 応募作品に使用された写真/映像/音楽/効果音等の素材は、応募者自身が著作権等をクリアした上でご応募下さい。これに掛かるクレームやトラブル等は主催者側では対応致しかねます。また各種権利を侵害している作品はコンペへの参加資格を失い、その発覚が受賞後であった場合は取り消されます
  • 実際に上映される会場では一般の子供からお年寄りまで幅広い方が観賞します。過度な刺激のある表現、性的なもの、宗教や政治的なメッセージを含む内容はご遠慮ください。


・審査員特別賞 :賞状、副賞

・平井 竜一(逗子市長)
・村松 亮太郎(NAKED Inc. 代表)
・山重 徹夫 : Art Director of Nakanojo biennale and Zushi Art Festival2014
・石多 未知行(プロジェクションマッピング協会 代表理事)




■総合プロデュース:石多 未知行(プロジェクションマッピング協会 代表)
■逗子メディアアートフェスティバル ホームページ:http://zushi-maf.info/

 info@projection-mapping.jp(一般財団法人プロジェクションマッピング協会 事務局)